The Symposium is run in parallel sessions each located in one "room".
The idea is to show the whole content of the Symposium as it would be in the real case.
The Rooms will follow a predefined program of lectures with a preassigned time scheduling. The time is the local time of the Symposium organizer. Each participant can freely move from one room to the other

Each session is chaired by a Chairperson that will introduce the Speaker and the Lecture.
The Lecture is prerecorded by the Speaker.

The Question & Answer slot is open at the end of each Lecture.
All the participants can put questions and receive answers by the speaker in live mode.

  There will be two morning sessions separated by a break, followed by two afternoon sessions. Morning and afternoon sessions will be separated by a "lunch" break.
The Framework "VIRVIS" (owned by ) is properly created for the Virtual Presentation of Conferences from a proprietary Web Private Server.